Desso Collection ICONIC

Desso Collection ICONIC

gorgayin salik desso Iconic_2101
desso Iconic_2906
gorgayin salik desso Iconic_2913
desso Iconic_4208
desso Iconic_4212
desso Iconic_5103
desso Iconic_6401
desso Iconic_7164
carpet tile desso Iconic_8107
carpet tile desso Iconic_8802
desso Iconic_8911
carpet tile desso Iconic_9517
desso Iconic_9523
desso Iconic_9525
desso Iconic_9527
desso Iconic_9975
desso Iconic_9990


Create playful flooring in a kaleidoscope of colours with DESSO Iconic – a new addition to DESSO Essentials.A unique tufting technique gives this tactile carpet tile hidden depths. The layered design brings together two contrasting hues to deliver subtle, inspirational unique undertones, adding playful design and interest to flooring schemes.Inspired by woven textiles, an all-over colour is interjected by concealed lines, which reveal themselves as you walk through the space.

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Iconic_2101, Iconic_2906, Iconic_2913, Iconic_4208, Iconic_4212, Iconic_5103, Iconic_6401, Iconic_7164, Iconic_8107, Iconic_8802, Iconic_8911, Iconic_9093, Iconic_9096, Iconic_9097, Iconic_9512, Iconic_9517, Iconic_9523, Iconic_9524, Iconic_9525, Iconic_9527, Iconic_9945, Iconic_9975, Iconic_9980, Iconic_9990