Desso Collection TORSO

Desso Collection TORSO



A lively cut pile structure, combined with an elegant blend of dark and light tones and a diversity of colours give DESSO Torso its intense colour impression and a rich look. Available in 60 different colours, with certain shades available in broadloom, DESSO Torso combines elegance and luxury with quality and reliability to provide a flooring solution fit for any environment.

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Torso_5103, Torso_5213, Torso_5421, Torso_6102, Torso_7082, Torso_7261, Torso_7290, Torso_7322, Torso_7412, Torso_7811, Torso_7863, Torso_7922, Torso_7942, Torso_8161, Torso_8311, Torso_8411, Torso_8412, Torso_8422, Torso_8433, Torso_8501