Desso Collection TRAVERSE

Desso Collection TRAVERSE

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Inspired by iconic Modernism, the DESSO Traverse range of carpet designs, part of the Essentials collection, features simple diagonal lines. These are created by slight differences in dye hues but also by slight ridges in the yarn construction. Hence, the pattern you see depends on where you are in the room together with where the light source is coming from. By using irregular patterns, the designer can play with directions, rhythms and zones, giving simple lines a curiously unexpected rich personality. Traverse is available in 15 colours, providing unprecedented creative design possibilities. Add to that the plank format and the simple diagonals become a kaleidoscope of opportunity.

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4207_A, 4405_A, 4437_A, 6214_A, 7175_A, 7862_A, 8423_A, 8811_A, 9032_A, 9035_A, 9096_A, 9502_A, 9517_A, 9524_A, 9532_A