GRABO heterogeneous SILVER KNIGHT Natural

GRABO heterogeneous SILVER KNIGHT Natural

Grabo Silver Knight Natural1001-384-851-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural1003-384-856-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural 1243-384-869-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural2086-384-855-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural 2096-384-857-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural2239-384-868-275
Grabo Silver Knight Natural 2561-384-867-275


GraboSafe Silver Knight or Natural floor is a unique scratch and abrasion resistance antislip floor with Silver Knight Tech Surface. The slip resistance is achieved without use any mineral particles. It is available in wood and in all over designs as well. The 2 mm thick floor has special 0,7 mm wear layer provides extra durable applications. We recommend to use this product in healthcare, education, entrances, corridors, ramps and kitchens.

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1001-384-851-275, 1003-384-856-275, 1243-384-869-275, 2086-384-855-275, 2096-384-857-275, 2239-384-868-275, 2561-384-867-275