GRABO Homogeneous POLIS

GRABO Homogeneous POLIS

vinilayin hatak grabo bazalt
vinilayin hatak grabo clay
vinilayin hatak grabo polis koala
vinilayin hatak grabo polis sky
vinilayin hatak grabo polis water


Grabo Polis is a cost-efficient, multipurpose homogeneous flooring. Due to its 2 mm thickness, multicolour, non-directional pattern, it is ideal in the budget segment.

Grabo Polis is definitely recommended for use in public areas as a result of its excellent flame-resistance and dimensional stability.
Due to the iGUARD PUR Surface is extremely resistant and easy to clean.
Its production involves a waste-free process, and is fully reusable, which is another environment-friendly property.

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Bazalt, Blonde, Clay, Emerald, Camel, Koala, Sky, Water