SKEMA Collection K-uno Hydro

SKEMA Collection K-uno Hydro

laminat skema-k-uno-hydro-520-rovere-indiana
laminate hatak skema-k-uno-hydro-522-rovere-california
laminate hatakner skema-k-uno-hydro-527-rovere-latino
laminate hatak skema-k-uno-hydro-528-rovere-texas
laminate hatak skema-k-uno-hydro-529-rovere-montana
laminate hatakner skema-k-uno-hydro-530-rovere-arizona
laminate hatak skema-k-uno-hydro-531-rovere-colorado


K-Uno Hydro, combines Hydro technology, which protects the plank from water stagnation for 24 hours, with a large format (2052x248x10mm) and a surface with syncropore, which gives an ultra-realistic effect to the decorative wood. The micro-bevel, protected with special processing to make it Hydro, is present on all 4 sides. K-Uno Hydro is also equipped with TLS-PLUS interlocking.

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Rovere Indiana, Rovere California, Rovere Iatino, Rovere Texas, Rovere Montana, Rovere Arizona, Rovere Colorado