SKEMA Collection PALLADIO 152

SKEMA Collection PALLADIO 152

wood floor skema-palladio-asolo-152_24112021144956
wood floor skema-palladio-maser-152_24112021145056
wood floor skema-palladio-treviso-152_24112021145032
wood floor skema-palladio-trissino-152_24112021145228
wood floor skema-palladio-vicenza152_24112021145123


Parquet Skema-Palladio is the Slavonian Oak wooden floor, made entirely in Italy and certified, available in three sizes: plank, maxi plank and Hungarian herringbone. It is characterised by surface treatments that aim to enhance the authentic nature of the wood with matt water-based varnishes and a moderate and natural brushing. A wooden floor with fire resistance class Cfl-s1 or Dfl, perfect to respond with style and technology to the demands of the modern market.

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Rovere Asolo, Rovere Maser, Rovere Treviso, Rovere Trissino, Rovere Vicenza