SKEMA Collection Prestige Gold

SKEMA Collection Prestige Gold

laminate hatak skema-prestige-gold-139-rovere-sole
laminat skema-prestige-gold-170-rovere-zephir
laminat լամինատե հատակ
laminate hatak skema-prestige-gold-264-quercia-naturale
laminate hatak skema-prestige-gold-266-rovere-positano
laminate skema-skema-prestige-gold-267-rovere-ischia
laminate hatak skema-prestige-gold-281-rovere-ponza
laminate hatak skema-prestige-gold-282-rovere-acadia
laminate skema-prestige-gold-284-rovere-linosa


This collection comes with a wide range of decors to meet all kinds of needs, from residential to commercial spaces. Prestige Gold stands out for its remarkable technical performance, thanks to the Tecno Lock System Plus joint, the all-round bevels and syncropore technology.

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Rovere-Sole, Rovere-Zephir, Sand-Canyon, Quercia-Naturale, Rovere-Positano, Rovere-Ischia, Rovere-Ponza, Rovere-Acadia, Rovere-Linosa