Tapibel Collection Atlas

Tapibel Collection Atlas

carpet tapibel atlas
Tapibel ATLAS-513_20
carpet Tapibel ATLAS-513_22
Tapibel ATLAS-513_23
Tapibel ATLAS-513_31
Tapibel ATLAS-513_35
Tapibel ATLAS-513_36
Tapibel ATLAS-513_38
Tapibel ATLAS-513_40
Tapibel ATLAS-513_42
Tapibel ATLAS-513_49
Tapibel ATLAS-513_50
Tapibel ATLAS-513_51
Tapibel ATLAS-513_52
Tapibel ATLAS-513_60
Tapibel ATLAS-513_64
Tapibel ATLAS-513_80


Tapibel Atlas is not a standard carpet; the collection exudes luxury. Thanks to the fine yarn with a striking texture, you enjoy a silky soft feeling. The soft touch is one of the advantages of Atlas. The carpet is suitable for project and residential use. From office to bedroom, Atlas fits any interior. Choose from a wide range of warm colours.

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ATLAS-513_10, ATLAS-513_20, ATLAS-513_22, ATLAS-513_23, ATLAS-513_31, ATLAS-513_35, ATLAS-513_36, ATLAS-513_38, ATLAS-513_40, ATLAS-513_42, ATLAS-513_49, ATLAS-513_50, ATLAS-513_51, ATLAS-513_52, ATLAS-513_60, ATLAS-513_64, ATLAS-513_80