Tapibel Collection CORAL-LINES

Tapibel Collection CORAL-LINES

carpet tile Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_09
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_42
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_50
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_51
carpet tile Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_60
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_76
carpet tile Tapibel CORAL-LINES-583_80
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_09
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_40
carpet tile Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_45
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_60
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_76
Tapibel CORAL-LINES-603_80


Tapibel Coral (Lines) carpet tiles has been developed to be functional, economical and wear-resistant. These properties make it extremely suitable for heavy commercial use and intensive project use. Coral is available in seven classic colours. Mix and match Coral or Coral Lines, six matching colours with a stripe design for an original look. This collection is available in wall-to-wall carpet and 50 x 50 cm carpet tiles.

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C/L-583_09, C/L-583_42, C/L-583_50, C/L-583_51, C/L-583_60, C/L-583_76, C/L-583_80, C/L-603_09, C/L-603_40, C/L-603_45, C/L-603_60, C/L-603_76, C/L-603_80