Tapibel Collection EARTH

Tapibel Collection EARTH

Tapibel EARTH_61110
carpet tile Tapibel EARTH_61111
Tapibel EARTH_61120
Tapibel EARTH_61123
carpet tile Tapibel EARTH_61125
carpet tile Tapibel EARTH_61132
Tapibel EARTH_61134
Tapibel EARTH_61140
carpet tile Tapibel EARTH_61141
Tapibel EARTH_61142
Tapibel EARTH_61150


Collection Earth of carpet tiles Tapibel is inspired by nature and has dynamic patterns and organic colours. Nature sure is key in this collection because Earth is sustainable thanks to the 100% regenerable ECONYL® yarn. Earth is suitable for any high-end commercial environment. The 11 rich colours bring warmth to any interior.

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E_61110, E_61111, E_61120, E_61123, E_61125, E_61132, E_61134, E_61140, E_61141, E_61142, E_61150