Tapibel Collection NORMANDY

Tapibel Collection NORMANDY

carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY-595_38
Tapibel NORMANDY-595_49
Tapibel NORMANDY-595_55
carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY-595_60
Tapibel NORMANDY-595_63
carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY-595_70
carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY-595_75
carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY 59576
Tapibel NORMANDY-595_83
carpet tile apibel NORMANDY-595_90
carpet tile Tapibel NORMANDY-595_96


Tapibel Normandy-Creativity on your floor. Normandy is one of our most creative collections of carpet tiles. The thicker pile, striking colours and cool design immediately catch the eye. Create dynamic floor concepts using the 11 colours.

This collection is available in wall-to-wall carpet and 25 x 100 cm carpet planks.

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N-595_38, N-595_49, N-595_55, N-595_60, N-595_63, N-595_70, N-595_75, N-595_76, N-595_83, N-595_90, N-595_96