Tapibel Collection OAK

Tapibel Collection OAK

Tapibel OAK-59410
carpet tile Tapibel OAK-59411
carpet tile Tapibel OAK-59423
carpet tile Tapibel OAK-59425
Tapibel OAK-59432
carpet tile Tapibel OAK-59434
Tapibel OAK-59440
Tapibel OAK-59441
Tapibel OAK-59442
carpet tile Tapibel OAK-59450


Tapibel Oak brings nature into any interior. We got the idea for this collection from popular wooden floors. We incorporated the beauty of nature into a wood effect carpet plank. Yes, a plank, not a standard tile. The plank shape emphasises the natural look of the carpet. In addition to being unique, Oak is also sustainable. The collection is made from regenerated ECONYL® yarn. This unique floor concept lets interior designers indulge themselves. Oak is suitable for commercial use.

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OAK-59410, OAK-59411, OAK-59420, OAK-59423, OAK-59425, OAK-59432, OAK-59434, OAK-59440, OAK-59441, OAK-59442, OAK-59450